Have you warmed to iOS gaming in 2011?

And what's your iOS game of the year?

Earlier this week the overlords of Apple's digital marketplace declared its best iPhone and iPad games of the year and placed them all on an imaginary pedestal for most to cheer and applaud, and for some to show defiant irreverence to.

Apple crowned Andreas Illiger's one-button iOS game Tiny Wing, which we spent many an hour playing on the train (read: toilet), the European App Store's iPhone game of the year, while resource management and pixel-sized people corralling sim Tiny Tower was awarded best iPhone game on the US App Store.

Chillingo-published Contre Jour, which we'll cop to not playing, was named best iPad game of the year, it managed to beat out Gears of War-alike Shadowgun and Konami's Gesundheit HD.

Visual tour de force Dead Space, a favourite in the CVG towers, was named best iPad game in the US by the house that Steve built.


But we're interested in finding out what your experiences with iOS were like over the last year and your general opinion on mobile gaming.

Like or not, mobile and casual games are the hot topic these days, and though it may be scary to admit, they're already as popular - if not more - as traditional console and PC games.

If you're anything like a few of the curmudgeons enclosed in these walls many of you probably resisted the call of Apple's bite-sized games. In part because of the prohibitively expensive price of all of its devices, but also because you may have been struggling to fit it into your idea of what a videogame should be.

Over the last year or two indie and established game publishing have been courting the 'traditional' gaming audiences with a mixture of familiar names such as The Sims, Dead Space and Need for Speed along with new games created to target the sensibilities of a core gamer, such as Epic's Infinity Blade, Square Enix's many Final Fantasy re-releases, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, one of our personal favourites.

As any gamer in the throes of iOS passion will tell you; it's a slippery slope. What starts as a toe dip into a stream of console-esque experiences quickly develops into a full blown dive-bomb into casual game oceans, where hours can be obsessively sacrificed finger-paddling around Peggle, Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombie and the like.

So, we'd like to know what your mobile gaming habits are like and if you're an iOS/Android gamer? What do you think of gaming on these newly emerged mobile platforms? And what has been your favourite iOS game of this year? Let us know in the comments below.