Voice actor claims working on 'Half-Life Episode 3'

US-based source 'recently recorded lines' for rumored Valve title

The title 'Half-Life' with the number '3' on the end has cropped up in rumours again today as a voice actor claims to have recently worked on a 'Half-Life Episode 3'.


The US-based source has told our colleagues at OXM that they've recently recorded lines for the new game.

OXM remains dubious of the reference to 'Episode' - noting that it could have been a slip of the tongue, and says it's currently seeking clarification from the source.

Either way, this adds more fuel to the fire, which has been teeming with HL3 rumours lately. Most recently a Valve employee was reportedly spotted wearing a Half-Life t-shirt with a big '3' on it.

That one whiffs of 'trolling' sauce, but the mere thought is enough to get the internet excited.