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Heroes Of Ruin: A 3DS game for Diablo fiends

They don't call these woods 'haunted' for nothing...

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Enhanced three or four times over with level-up points, our humble energy spell was a monster, emitting five shards of deadly light rather than three.

We also purchased the cataclysmic Gravity Bomb, although you'll have to ask Einstein how that one works. There was a tangible sense that we were improving constantly during our time with the game, rather than just increasing a set of statistics.

At the end of the Haunted Forest - which, like all dungeons, features a randomly generated layout, meaning it will be different every time - we fought a seemingly endless stream of fire monsters, and rescued the ghostly Elven King from some fate or other.3 Well done us.

While the plot was generally well-presented - an old dude narrated cutscenes, as the camera slowly panned over 3D character cutouts - it was merely the bread enveloping Heroes' meaty action-RPG filling. We didn't memorise most of the silly fantasy names, and neither will you.

No, the game is an unashamed lootfest, like Diablo before it, and like Square Enix's own Dungeon Siege III, which seems to have inspired Heroes in many key ways. However, Heroes Of Ruin is one of the more accommodating crazed lootfests we've played in quite some time.


When you come across new stuff, it can either be equipped or sold immediately via the D-pad, saving you the hassle of constant inventory management. We've been assured that the game's rather inelegant menus are a work in progress.

Frankly, it's a surprise to find a game like this on 3DS, and an increasing delight each time we get to play it. We can't wait to return to Nexus and plunder its surrounding world for bigger and better loot.

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