DiRT 4 will focus on authenticity after Showdown, says Codies

Racing series has "outgrown a single game"

Codemasters has promised DiRT 4 will return to the series' traditional pure rally gameplay after the release of its 'thrill-seeking' spin-off DiRT Showdown.


Speaking to CVG in a just-published DiRT Showdown interview, senior games designer Mike Chapman and associate producer Iain Smith said the racing franchise has "outgrown a single game".

Smith explained: "At the end of each project we try to digest as much as possible about the players' experiences. Through our game data analysis, as well as reading the game's critical reception, we found that DiRT 3 had been offering two experiences: the pure rally and gymkhana."

He added: "We've focussed on what those core experiences were - one a 'hardcore', motorsports experience and one for thrill-seekers.

"We boiled down some of that thrill-seeking formula into what makes DiRT Showdown. However, this doesn't mean the more authentic rally content is disappearing from the DiRT series... that will return in a future game for sure."

Chapman spoke more openly about the future of the DiRT series, stating that the next game post Showdown will shift focus back to "more traditional elements" of the franchise.

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"DiRT Showdown is offering a new and more focused experience within the series and DiRT 4, or whatever we call it, will bring that same focus to some of the more traditional elements of the series," he said.

"The fact that we're already discussing a DiRT 4 title should demonstrate that we absolutely want to meet and exceed the expectations of DiRT players.

"Our chief game designer has actually become an official rally co-driver since we completed DiRT 3 so we definitely want to offer a more authentic experience in future titles," he added.

"We just feel that the scope of the DiRT series has really now outgrown a single game and we're keen to explore all of the unique styles of play that the DiRT series on a whole can offer."

Smith claimed that Showdown's "substantial" career mode should appeal to and challenge "loyal DiRT players".

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