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Best party games 2011: 14 titles to power up Christmas

Banish the post-turkey blues: the best party games - and where to get them cheapest...

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You've given your digestive systems a workout. Now one for your brains...


1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Special Edition
Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
No wait! Come back! Look, this feature is all about getting the family together for some console-related fun instead of staring blank-eyed at Downton Abbey and you can guarantee that WWTBAM will appeal to everyone. Who doesn't love a good quiz? A download-only title, this special edition follows the familiar formula of the TV show, has 1200 generic quiz questions and no Chris Tarrant. Sorted. There are also two special question packs to download on top of the main game: the South Park pack probably isn't what you're looking for within earshot of your mum, but the Movie pack most definitely is. Grab both the main game and the packs on PSN and Xbox Live.
Best price: £7.99/800 MS Points


2. Scene It? Box Office Smash!
Format: Xbox 360
It's a little long in the tooth now but we've spied this version of the Scene It! movie quiz game for Xbox 360 bundled with four controllers for less than 15 quid at so if you haven't played the game before that's some bargain entertainment. There's a more recent version too - Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! - and that's on PS3 and Wii. Bit pricier, mind.
Best price: £14.25 at


3. Buzz! Quiz World
Format: PlayStation 3
Another oldie but goodie, there's still plenty of fun to be had with Buzz! You do need the controllers but once bought, there are loads of titles in the series that you can wheel out for family occasions so that you don't run the risk of repeat questions (repeat questions, of course, being the start of an uncomfortable, mood-spoiling argument with your dad about how videogames aren't even as good as the Daily Mail crossword).
Best price: £38.99 at with controllers

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