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PSP games to benefit from Vita's dual analogues

Final Fantasy Type-0 confirmed to feature enhanced controls on Vita

Square Enix has confirmed that PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0 will, when played on a Vita, make use of the second analogue stick.

Type-0 director Hajime Tabata said at a recent consumer event in Japan that the game will allow for additional camera control with the Vita's right analogue stick.

That's good news, but more importantly it confirms the potential for PSP games to feature enhanced controls on the Vita.

We wouldn't expect touch screen functionality to magically appear in PSP games, but it should mean that dual-analogue controls will be possible - at least in PSP games that support the use of a DualShock 3 (since twin stick functionality would already be in those titles).


Tabata went on to say that the game's online gameplay would be fully functional on Vita, and that it looks 'very pretty' on the new system.

He also responded to questions of a possible sequel. "I want to make a sequel, but... is there demand?" he asked. "If we make a sequel, we aren't thinking about having it directly continue the [Type-0] story."

FF Type-0 is currently a Japan-only game, but an international version is reportedly in the works although Square is yet to issue an official announcement.

You can check out loads of gameplay footage here.

[ SOURCE: Via Andriasang ]