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Xbox Live Arcade update

One new game and a bunch of DLC for MS' download games platform this week

Microsoft has released a list of XBLA content arriving this week.

It's small, but it's hard to complain when there are so many games out already that need playing.

Six bits of new content are on the way this week, including a single new game, Joe Danger: Special Edition.

The full Marketplace update list should be released in the week.

Here's the XBLA list in all its miniature glory:

Joe Danger: Special Edition - 1200 MSP

Orcs Must Die! Lost Adventures320 MSP
PBFX2 - Marvel Vengeance and Virtue Table Pack - 800 MSP
Fruit Ninja Kinect - Holiday Pack - Free
Magic the Gathering 2012: Deck Expansion Pack 2 - 240 MSP
The Gunstringer - Real Big Shootin' - 240 MSP