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DC Universe Online gets 'Season's Greedings' update

Hunt for Larfleeze and find his hidden gifts

Sony Online Entertainment is having a little fun with DC Universe Online this Christmas with a new free content update.

Titled 'Season's Greedings', it features Larfleeze, the "greedy" leader of the Orange Lanterns who, as revenge against Santa for not filling his stocking this Christmas, has "hidden stolen holiday items throughout Gotham City and Metropolis until he can ship them back home to the forbidden territory of the Vega System".

As SOE explains: "Heroes and villains alike will take part in quests to find the stolen presents. Heroes will receive direction from Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the Watchtower, while villains will hear a similar request from the wielder of yellow light, Sinestro in the Hall of Doom.


"In order to locate the presents, players must search for, and defeat, Larfleeze's carefully crafted orange construct enemies, created to resemble those he has defeated in the past as a warning sign to any who cross him in the future."

The update is available now for free to all players.

Here's a further list of its features:

Game Update 7: Season's Greedings Features:

Larfleeze Sightings: Players can receive a Feat if they can spot Larfleeze lurking about Metropolis or Gotham City once a day for, of course, 12 days in a row.

Watchtower PVP Map: Players can battle it out in a new 5v5 death-match arena located in the Watchtower.

New Holiday Marketplace Items:

Festive Winter Hat - Do you have a jolly side? Have you been wanting to show off your festive spirit? Does your head get cold in that brisk winter air? If so, then this Festive Winter Hat is for you!

Reindeer Antlers - Oh, deer! Declare your appreciation for these beloved holiday animals by wearing your very own set of Reindeer Antlers.

New Holiday Vendor Items:

New Holiday Elf outfit set
Snowman form trinket

Holiday snowglobe grenade