Battlefield 3 PS3 VoIP issues 'a top priority' for DICE

Developer also working to fix input lag

Battlefield 3 developer DICE says fixing ongoing voice chat issues with the PS3 version of the game is "a top priority".


The PS3 VoIP problems were first noted by EA forum members during the game's September beta, and also at launch in October.

Last month, a CVG reader forwarded us an email from a supposed EA customer support representative suggesting affected Battlefield 3 users may be entitled to a refund over the issue.

Speaking on the Battlefield Twitter page (via MP1st), DICE reportedly said the development team considers "PS3 VoIP a top priority".

It also acknowledged ongoing user complaints surrounding input lag with Battlefield 3 on Sony's console.

"We are quite aware of the issue [input lag/delay] and we're still investigating it for a possible solution," it said. "Thank you for your patience."

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[ SOURCE: MP1st ]