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Nintendo 3DS breaks sales record in Australia

200,000 3DS units sold in 37 weeks

Thought the 3DS wasn't doing well? Think again. In just 37 weeks Nintendo has sold 200,000 units in Australia.


Today marks a historic day for Nintendo Australia, with the announcement that the 3DS has sold more than 200,000 units in 37 weeks, marking a new record for Australia. Not only did the 3DS beat other hand-held consoles, but it also beat home consoles too.

The 3DS may have had a rocky start, but with the recent price reduction (from #349 to $249) and influx of great titles, it makes sense that these bad boys are selling like hot cakes. The 3DS suddenly isn't looking all that bad.

The recent update of the 3DS's firmware added 3D video recording and Nintendo "accomplishments", the equivalent to trophies and achievements.

Can you believe the 3DS has sold 200,000 units in just 37 weeks? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.