Alan Wake's American Nightmare: First details

Evil Alan roams the open-world...

Alan Wake might be the talk of the town but little is known about his re-emergence on Xbox Live Arcade. Fortunately, Xbox World magazine has delivered a sprawling eight-page feature chalk-full of details on the flannel-clad writer's newest nightmare.


According to the mag, Alan Wake's American Nightmare draws thematic and narrative inspiration from pulp action-adventures such as From Dusk 'Til Dawn and other Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez material.

The XBLA follow-up is a return to Alan Wake's open-world roots, featuring a hub structure which will see players returning to locations multiple times during the story. The game is described as "significantly bigger than any episode of the original game."

American Nightmare takes place two years after the events of the original game. Since saving Alice, his perpetually in danger other half, and confining himself to the 'Dark Place' beneath Cauldron Lake Alan has become an urban-legend.

In his absence fans of the writer have re-imagined him as a Candyman of sorts, the legend goes that Alan vanished into the woods of Bright Falls and returned as Mr Scratch, a maniacal serial killer.

Like all good urban myths uttering Mr Scratch's name a few too many times is rumored to summon him, and since things have a way of mysteriously coming true in Alan's world, the evil doppleganger has manifested and is on his way to finish Alice off, leaving a trail of bodies and video evidence of his murderous activities for Alan to find.

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During the game players will learn what became of Alice, as well as Alan's agent Barry, after the events of the first game through new manuscript pages, TVs and radios, Xbox World reveals.

Although it still relies on the same combat mechanics as the original game, enemies now respond to Alan's light-based attacks in different ways that force him to switch up his tactics. A new crossbow weapon which can pierce through the darkness protecting enemies has been introduced, along with and Uzis, military-grade rifles and a nailgun, which Alan can use to overwhelm his foes.

For the full eight-page feature on Alan Wake's American Nightmare pick up Xbox World magazine issue 113, which also includes an exclusive look at Rainbow Six Patriots.

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