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'Action-focused' Alan Wake's American Nightmare 'a perfect fit' for XBLA

Remedy discusses new "adrenaline-fuelled" gameplay

Remedy's head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, has said the more action-oriented gameplay of Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a "perfect fit" for Xbox Live Arcade.


Speaking to Xbox World magazine in a massive eight-page feature, Häkkinen describes how the Finnish development studio has beefed up the engine powering Alan Wake and come up with new ideas.

The studio's experimentation eventually resulted in a new arcadey, action-oriented gameplay design, including a new Horde-style arcade mode called Fight 'til Dawn, which Häkkinen says suits its digital delivery platform.

"After we were done with Alan Wake, our team started improving the engine and experimenting with ideas that came up during development," he explained.

"The team started doing wild things - testing ideas they'd been brewing - and we were having fun, so it kept ballooning.

"Pretty soon we had this adrenaline-fuelled arcade action game with hectic combat and scoreboards, and the team were competing against each other - we kept adding to it and it kept getting better. Before long it started looking like a perfect fit for Live Arcade."

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Remedy has also provided Alan Wake's American Nightmare first details in the feature, talking about the game's influences and story.

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