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Star Wars: The Old Republic sees steady early rollout

106 servers operational as of last night

Early access to Star Wars: The Old Republic kicked off yesterday for those who pre-ordered the game, ahead of the MMO's official launch on December 20.


Players are gaining access to the title in waves, with early game access designed to help manage server volumes and ensure a smooth release day experience.

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz said in a research note distributed this morning that, as of last night, EA had 106 Old Republic servers operational, with 64 in the US and 42 in Europe.

In contrast, World of Warcraft has 491 operational servers between the US and Europe.

"EA started staging players who had pre-ordered the game into the servers a couple days ago in order to spread out login queues and hopefully avoid digital gridlock on the launch day," he said.

"We received our invitation to begin playing yesterday and immediately logged in. We can happily report that we had no problems starting up the game, creating our Jedi Knight character, or playing through the first few bits of the game.

"The population of the US Star Wars servers already appears to have significantly grown in density, with three servers classified as 'full', five classified as 'very heavy', 27 classified as 'heavy', 29 classified as 'standard', and none classified as 'light'.

"In contrast, the European servers still appear fairly empty, with 2 classified as 'standard' and the rest classified as 'light'."

The Old Republic's beta attracted two million players.

Have you started playing the game and what are your early impressions?

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