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Video: Skyrim's most useless dragon discovered

Warning: Video features distressing treatment of dragons

Not all dragons are created equal in Skyrim.


While the majority of the mythical creatures will barrel towards you with fire, ice and all manner of other elemental hazards spewing from their mouths the moment you step foot into their patch of Skyrim, others will helplessly tumble through the air with as much control over their flight path as a leaf in gale force winds. Post-1.2 patch Skyrim is a cruel place for dragons.

1.2 patch inflicted some dragons in Skyrim with a terrible bug that made them fly around backwards. The dragon in this video is the worst case of the bug in action that we found.

Just look at the poor fella, listen to his cries of anguish as he tries in earnest to get to you and crush you between his razor sharp claws, only to find himself pulled back the shackles of dodgy coding.

When will this cruel treatment of the majestic dragon end? WHEN?

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