Max Payne 3: What we want to see

This is OUR list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Max Payne 1 and 2 were moddable, and paved the way for some fantastic creations. In one of the more well-known add-ons, modders gave Max the ability to smack mobsters around with Kung-Fu. It was glorious.

Other total conversions created whole new stories and levels for gamers to play through. Countless Matrix mods were released which recreated the famous lobby shootout scene from the movie and let players re-enact it.

Another mod even had you play as Dinky the polar bear in a Christmas themed adventure as you killed evil elves, killer penguins and Santa himself. It had epic bullet-time snowball battles and weapons like the Turkey Blaster 6000, the Jingle Ball launcher and The Mincer (which fired mince pies). There was even a bonus snowboarding mode. We think we'll reinstall Max Payne and play that mod again this Christmas.


What's more, these amazing mods released up to seven years after the game first came out. Seven years! Mod support extends a games' life like you wouldn't believe, so Max Payne 3 would only benefit from the ability to create new additions to the game.

In fact, we think the original Max Payne game you get in the box is only half the experience. Rockstar would be mad to not let fans open up the game and have a fiddle, and it would be a huge letdown for all gamers in general.

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