Alan Wake's American Nightmare gets pretend cover art

Print it off. Put a disc in it.

Microsoft's released 'cover art' for Alan Wake's next outing, American Nightmare. That game that's being released via Xbox Live. Digitally. We don't understand either.


The art shows Alan looking pretty mean in his chequered shirt, wielding a nail gun and his old friend - the flashlight. Looks like a meteor in the background too. Perhaps Alan can call in air-strikes like Call of Duty in this game?

We got the first details on the game yesterday, and it is said to return to Alan Wake's open-world roots and feature a hub structure which sees players returning to locations a number of times during the story.

The game is also described as being "significantly bigger than any episode of the original game."

Remedy's head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen also said the game was perfect for Xbox Live Arcade.

"We had this adrenaline-fuelled arcade action game with hectic combat and scoreboards, and the team were competing against each other," he said.

"We kept adding to it and it kept getting better. Before long it started looking like a perfect fit for Live Arcade."

The first trailer for Alan Wake's American Nightmare was unveiled at the Spike VGAs last week.