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CVG: Comments of the Week

Heh hehs and hah hahs inspired by your words...

Well done readers. You've really had us groaning at your comments this week, which means it's been a resounding success. For you guys. Not us. Why do you have to subject us to such pun-laden torture?

Game development the focus of tonight's Young Apprentice final

How about "Alan Sugar"

Kind of like Alan Wake, only instead of being an insane writer trapped in a mental world battling the possessed darkness, he could slick about his office during his lunch hour, shining a torch in co workers eyes telling them that they are "blaady fired!"

Game of the year, NEO_SUPERMAN

LEGO Batman 2 outed by latest toys

Why are Batman and Superman wearing reverse thongs?

We can't un-see the reverse thongs now, PMIKE5. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Mario embarrasses himself in Just Dance 3

As Mario is a plumber,

I thought he'd be more into tap dancing...

*tumbleweed rolls by*

The bottom of the barrel, NEO_SUPERMAN. You are scraping it.

nah plumb and base

rip_it_up has lifted up the barrel and is looking underneath.

^ personally I thought he'd be more likely to shake his tail feather....

sevvybgoode just threw the barrel to one side.

3DS Ambassador GBA games confirmed for Friday

I knew buying a 3DS and living in Nottingham would have it's drawbacks. I set it all up and put the StreetPass on yesterday. I got 8 people with a Giro in their pocket, 6 teenage pregnancies and 4 people with concealed weapons, one of which was a rubber fist.

That's usually the way in Nottingham, El Mag

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 hot fix, title update this week

So, by the time your MW3 ban has been lifted, they would have already released 13 other Call of Dutys, and be well on the way to a 14th...

mattdark - Yep

BioShock Infinite gameplay trailer sings a mellow song

i'd pork that girl

Come on, dicky1993. Have a bit of decency.

Just Cause movie is Scorpion Rising, 'third game on the way'

Just Cause 2 is such an overlooked gem. I've been playing it again lately, and there's not really any game that can match it for pure, ear-to-ear fun. It's a giant toybox of a game, and I can't wait for the third installment.

The movie doesn't really interest me, though

What mangle said.

What he said

collyboy187 says what mangle said.

What he said about he said.

Gambini says what collyboy187 said about what mangle said

What they all said about the first guy who said what he said

bennyt says what Gambini and collyboy187 said about the first guy who said what he said that the others said

^ ^ ditto

Have to be awkward don't you, verynaughtyboy?

Alan Wake finally coming to PC in early 2012

Well then guys, we finally got it on PC.. how's about we DON'T torrent it so that the developer doesn't end up regretting the decision?

Listen to WyteHawk gamers. He speaks wise words.

Poll: Which party games will you be playing this Christmas?

Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Or Aunt Julie and Sandra as everybody else calls them.

Why's that, El Mag? Because when you touch their arse they eat a marble?

This christmas we'll all be crowding round the TV to shoot the s**t out of zombies in HOTD:OVERKILL. It would be Kinect sports but my gran insisted.

Your gran sounds pretty badass, WHERESMYMONKEY