The VGAs, Remedy and Platinum Games are in CVG's Heroes & Villains of the week - 16/12/2011

Our champions and chumps over the past seven days...

We've got another round-up of this weeks saints and sinners. Who did good? Who did evil? Find out below.


Who: The VGAs

Why: For the trailers and announcements


There was some cracking stuff shown at the VGAs this year. We had new trailers for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Hitman: Absolution, Metal Gear Rising, Rainbow Six: Patriots, Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite.

Then we had all the announcements of new titles such as Fortnite, The Last of Us, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and Command & Conquer: General 2. Plenty to see then, but that means there's even more to add to our 2012 wish list now.

There are just too many games...

Who: Remedy

Why: For finally releasing a PC version of Alan Wake


Alright, so it's not out yet, but it's been confirmed for release early next year. After reportedly being canned in February last year, PC gamers were left out in the cold regarding Alan Wake on their platform.

Microsoft stated the reason behind the cancellation was because "The most compelling way to experience Alan Wake was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive."

Pretty poor excuse if you ask us, but it doesn't matter now - Alan Wake is coming soon, so let's rejoice PC gamers. Rejoice!

Who: Platinum Games

Why: For saving Metal Gear Rising from cancellation


Opinion is mixed on the new direction Platinum Games have taken with Metal Gear Rising, and it's universally agreed that the title is pretty dumb, but there's no denying Platinum Games saved the game. It was going to be canned, but they stepped in and now they're taking care of it.

The game does look more like a by-the-numbers hack n slash than it did in previous showings, but this game was never really aimed at the core Metal Gear fans. It was also trying to find a new audience. We did like the look of slashing anything we wanted, and precisely carving watermelons, but Kojima said the game design wasn't really going anywhere, so Platinum Games taking over the series was probably for the best in reality.

And still, Kojima has said a new "authentic stealth MGS" is coming in the future, so the core Metal Gear fans have that to look forward to if they don't like the look of Rising.

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