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Trine 2 hits PSN next week - trailer

New gameplay lobs hammers at stuff

Trine 2 launches on the PlayStation Store for PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade next week, and developer Atlus is pretty keen to tease its unique sequel.


Releasing a new trailer showing off some hammer-throwing gameplay, Atlus takes a moment to describe the game to those unaware: "Trine 2 is a three-player cooperative action-packed physics-based platformer set in a lush fantasy world.

"Played from a side-scrolling 2D perspective, gamers take control of one of three highly specialized characters - Pontius, the slow yet mighty knight; Zoya, the agile thief; or Amadeus, the crafty wizard - and guide them through puzzles and numerous foes."

It hits the North American PSN on December 20, and Xbox Live the following day.

The PC and Mac versions are already out. The standard edition on Steam will set gamers back £11.99, while a collector's edition packing in a digital art book, developer commentary and the original soundtrack costs £17.99.

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[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]