Vita User Guide details menu features

Sony puts out an English-language online user manual

Sony has launched the PlayStation Vita User Guide site - basically an online user manual for the new handheld.


Despite going live right in time for the machine's Japanese launch, the guide linked below is actually an English manual, which is great for letting you have a good dig around all those little niggling menu features long before you even get one.

It's especially useful if you've imported. And it also reveals some features you might not have been aware of. For example, you can take a screenshot at any time by hitting the PS Button and Start together. Did you know that?

You can also get your PSN account up and running on the Vita with a simple USB cable connected to PS3. Handy. Shame you'll only be able to have one PSN account at a time on the Vita. Bah.

Check out the full Vita User Guide here.

[ SOURCE: Via ShackNews ]