Is Battlefield 2143 DICE's next game?

The writing's on the wall...

Battlefield 2143 may be the next game to be released in DICE's blockbuster first-person shooter franchise, if an Easter Egg found in the latest DLC map pack is any indication.


Players have spotted the number '2143' on Wake Island, one of the maps released as part of the latest Back to Karkand DLC pack.

Admittedly, the hunch isn't very substantial, but DICE has a history of placing hints as to future projects in its games.

Back in 2006, hints at a new title called '2142' appeared in the Euro Forces and Armoured Fury map packs for Battlefield 2, long before Battlefield 2142 was officially announced, so there is some precedent.

We've got our fingers crossed for a Mirror's Edge sequel first.

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