Games of 2012 - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

A co-op battle with Resi history...

Resident Evil popularised the survival horror genre, a handful of classic PSone titles, a legendary reboot in Resident Evil 4, and even Hollywood movies.


It's easy to forget it also has its fair share of low points: lightgun shooter Survivor and the weak co-op Outbreak series.

The worry is that Operation Raccoon City could fall into the second category. It's solid-looking and has a robust cover system, but it all looks a little generic, with basic third-person shooter combat. The class system could add some depth, however. One player can control enemies for brief periods, for instance, while others are heavily combat-focused.

One thing the game excels at is appealing to long-time Resi fans, with levels set during events that shaped the series' mythology. One early level sees you fighting William Birkin.

This level is very reminiscent of Dead Space; that same kind of slow-burning horror, punctuated by sudden moments of violence. It's ironic that Dead Space, a game that borrowed heavily from Resi, is now paying back the favour in Operation Raccoon City.

Set during the events of RE2, the game also features cameos from series big guns such as Leon Kennedy - but you won't play as him. Curiously, you're the bad guys.

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With so much great zombie choice on the shelves, you may need good online friends and a big passion for Resi to really enjoy this.

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