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Games of 2012: Enemy Front

New shooter digs up the past and heads to the frontlines of WWII...

Not very long ago, the FPS seemed to be constantly fighting World War II.

But then Modern Warfare marched into town with its hi-tech rifles and explosive doohickies and the time period was committed to history again. That's about to change, thanks to Stuart Black - the development brains behind Criterion's Black and Codies' recent FPS flop Bodycount.

Together with City Interactive (developers of Sniper Ghost Warrior), Stuart Black is dredging up the past again with Enemy Front. The new shooter has you playing as an Allied soldier, dropped behind enemy lines.

As well as putting slugs in fascist brains, you must undertake sneaky espionage missions and sabotage enemy equipment. Word from the developers suggests this will all feed into a race to dismantle a super weapon - and by God, we're hoping it doesn't turn the enemies into mega-zombies, as we've had enough of the undead.


Of course, there'll be plenty of other Nazi-shaped foes to take care of as the action spans historical battles from the shores of France to the trenches of Berlin.

It certainly looks pretty, as you can tell from the screens, but Enemy Front will need to deliver gameplay too, and find a way to offer missions that go beyond 'go here and kill that'.

With Black at the helm, they've snagged a guy who knows his gun-toting stuff; but on the flipside, he also talked up Bodycount a fair bit before leaving that steaming mess for someone else to clean up.

Can Enemy Front bring Black back to his best, and revive the historical FPS? Maybe, just maybe.

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