Monster Hunter Tri G: New weapons, monsters and much more

The G stands for... wait, what does the G stand for?

Say hello to Blakideus. He's not, as the name suggests, the star of a blaxploitation version of the hit film Amadeus, but you only have to see him to get over that particular disappointment.

Blakideus is the result of a union between the Loch Ness Monster and a dragon - probably. But he also wields a giant pair of poisonous fists, and has a tail shaped liked a particularly brutal mace. He's the latest Big Bad of the latest Monster Hunter game, taking over from Tri's terrifying deep-sea dwelling creature, Lagiacrus.

Monster Hunter Tri G may be based, to a large extent, on the breakthrough Wii game that brought the hand-mangling hunting title to a brand new audience, but it's learnt a thing or two from Monster Hunter Freedom 3, which has been released for the PlayStation Portable1 in the meantime.


That game came with a ton of new monsters and weapons, and they're making the long and treacherous journey from Sony's handheld console to 3DS. Yes, including the gunlance - everyone's favourite combination of firearm and blade.

New shots reveal other weapons too. How about a pair of giant monster claws that enable you to shame your enemy to death with sarcastic clapping? (The first part, at least, is definitely true.) Or a giant mace made out of a coffin? As in a whole coffin with a pole stuck on the end. We almost wish we had made that second one up.

The new monsters, meanwhile, look proper scary. The fresh - if not particularly friendly - faces include a dinosaur that appears to disguise itself as a rock, a giant yeti creature that flings enormous snowballs, and something that looks like a massive bat.

We look forward to stumbling across these hulking monstrosities, before scarpering immediately in the other direction.

If you choose to stay and fight, you'll be doing so with the newfangled second circle pad, which gives Tri G roughly 100% more analogue sticks than the PSP games.

Whether the game's dedicated ingrained fanbase will be willing to jump ship is another matter - we reckon they probably will - but we're in for a handheld treat at least. The game's due out in Japan any moment, so we'll (hopefully) have a review ready next month.

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