24 games that will define gaming in 2012 - Part 1

Assassins, gangsters and Gods of War...

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Format Multi
Developer Kojima Productions, Platinum Games
Publisher Konami
Release TBC 2012
Why is it hot? You can slice things like a sous chef

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MGS stealth fans may find Rising 'hard to get into' says Kojima, but new footage debuted at the VGA awards begs to differ. As ninja Raiden, you slice anything from small objects such as melons to large ones like buildings. Expect hi-speed acrobatics, plus 'cut and take' upgrades from mechs.


Format Multi
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Square Enix
Release 2012
Why is it hot? It's a fresh survival horror start for Lara

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Inspired by films like The Descent, the new Tomb Raider
will test Lara psychologically and physically as she struggles to survive on a mysterious island.
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