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24 games that will define gaming in 2012 - Part 1

Assassins, gangsters and Gods of War...

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Format Multi
Developer Irrational
Publisher 2K Games
Release 2012
Why is it hot? It's the visually stunning successor to BioShock

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No game world looks quite as imaginative and well-realised as BioShock Infinite's Columbia. The floating city, held together by ziplines, offers the potential for intense, fast-moving gunplay, mixed with the series' trademark other-worldly powers. The story will excel too, thanks to the eerily believable relationship between characters Booker and Elizabeth.


Format Multi
Developer Human Head
Publisher Bethesda
Release 2012
Why is it hot? It turns you into an intergalactic bounty-hunter

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Mixes the first-person freerunning of Mirror's Edge, the open-world RPG of Deus Ex, and the shooting of, er, any good FPS into one compelling game. In it, you play as Killian Samuels, a man who tracks criminals across a vast alien city called The Bowery. Didn't play the first game? No worries: it's only very loosely connected.

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