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Star Wars: Old Republic launches, 'will change MMOs'

BioWare "extremely happy" with state of MMO

More than three years after announcement and (allegedly) over $100m in development, EA's biggest ever video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has gone live to the public this morning.


According to analysts more than a million early access customers have already joined the MMO, and despite complaints of hefty server queues developer BioWare says it's "extremely happy" with where it stands at launch.

"Today represents an amazing milestone for BioWare, EA and Star Wars fans everywhere and we are confident it has been worth the wait," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, BioWare co-founder.

"The support and resources going into Star Wars: The Old Republic are not ending today. The innovations we're bringing to the category are just the start of a journey and ongoing investment in our players that will grow, evolve and transform based on player feedback over the weeks, months and years ahead."

Fellow GM, Dr. Greg Zeschuk added: "The addition of story and personal choice to the MMO genre is going to fundamentally change the way people perceive MMOs moving forward, especially when it is experienced at its fullest potential with high-quality writing and voice acting.

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"We are extremely happy with where The Old Republic stands at launch and we can't wait to grow the game with our community to make it even better in the future."

To commemorate the launch, BioWare's released a new 'Your Saga Begins' dev diary, which you can watch on this page.

Yesterday we published an Old Republic interview with senior writer Alex Freed. Hit the link for information about our upcoming Star Wars: Old Republic review.