CVG's Sites of the Year

A look back at the internet's finest....

Each week for the past twelve months, we've been championing a range of gaming sites from the various corners of the internet.

We've been celebrating all that is great about not just the well-known publications, but the more humble sites too.

So before we begin another year of scouring for the best gaming sites on the net, let's look back and give one last hurrah to this year's cream of the internet crop.

  • Games Thirst: Games Thirst is user-focused, and they try hard to make sure they deliver the news, reviews, articles and the likes, with a certain Games Thirst twist.
  • IndustryGamers: If you want to delve deeper into the industry, look no further than IndustryGamers.
  • OXM: We're getting console exclusive with the online presence of Official Xbox Magazine.
  • Continue or Quit: Continue or Quit is a blog written by Will Templeton, former researcher at Headlight Pictures Limited as well as texture artist and online support team member at Jagex.
  • The Escapist: The Escapist is a site focused on creating print-quality content for the internet.
  • TheGamingLiberty: TheGamingLiberty is a site founded by Joseph Murphy and Shane Willoughby in 2009.
  • Kapow Games: Kapow Games is a site focused on providing the 'very best content on the emerging games genre of comic book video games.'
  • PlayStation Lifestyle: One word. Passion. It's in everything they do. From the moment the site was being conceptualized, they realized that to them, PlayStation was more than just video games or a hobby, it's an entire lifestyle that goes with it.
  • Evil Avatar: A volunteer run news-based site that's been around since 1998.
  • XG247 A site focused on delivering high-quality video content for gamers.
  • The Average Gamer: The Average Gamer is a site that keeps its content strictly in line with just that - the man or woman who doesn't need the industry gossip and sea of stats and just wants to know if a game is fun.
  • IGCD.net We've looked at console specific websites in the past but this is a whole new level of niche; IGCD.net - The Internet Games Car Database.
  • NXT Gamer: All multi-platform gaming
  • Daily Joypad: Covering the whole range of news, reviews, previews and features, DailyJoypad offers a bulging suitcase of gaming editorial, placing pride in particular upon its unique feature content.
  • ONM: The newly re-launched Official Nintendo Magazine website.
  • Gamer UK: A relatively young buck but one with more than enough great gaming content to get your teeth into.
  • Xbox Live Addicts: Xbox Live Addicts is a site designed to be a place where Xbox Live gamers can chat and arrange games together.
  • Thumb Culture: An online video game magazine that takes into account the fact that we're all getting busier.
  • This is my Joystick: A site that focuses on editorials in which writers are encouraged to incorporate a lot of their own views and personality.
  • Winning Eleven Blog & FIFA Soccer Blog: A double helping of affiliated blogs for the football fans out there; a pair that aim to provide the latest news for anything Pro Evolution and FIFA related.
  • Gametastrophe: A collaborative effort from a few passionate gamers putting their love for video games to good use.
  • The Level Up Times: A site 'committed to bringing great, interesting news with a side of personality and a definite sense of connectivity with the audience and readers'.
  • Game Kudos: A site that has community at its heart but it doesn't go running to big names like Twitter and Facebook to enhance its readers' experience, it has its own community features.
  • VG Reloaded: A one-man-band with a particular focus on great games reviews but, as always, it's a site that's looking to expand.
  • God is a Geek A multiplatform games site with all the bases covered. Everything from news to reviews to the 'Godcast' is included in the bundle.
  • unikGamer A site all about stats, ranks and numbered lists. By setting up a profile and voting like crazy, users can influence all kinds of rankings from Top Games of 2010 to the Top Game Boy Advance Games.
  • Splitkick: Community is the focus. The site's team aims to conjure debate and customise content to its readers so directly that its reviews are based around specific questions submitted by the Splitkick audience.
  • Ironhammers: The site aspires to be the one-stop-shop for PC gaming news and reviews.
  • The Lonely Wizards A site that tackles all the most important topics in the gaming world in a very entertaining podcast.
  • RPG Site: RPG Site offers some of the most hardcore RPG content we've seen in the virtual woodland.
  • Siliconera: A fact driven website that specialises in bringing attention to lesser known titles and digging deep into the gaming industry.
  • PC Gamer: Some of the best PC gaming coverage on the world wide web.
  • Reaper Gaming: Created by three members of the team that previously worked on one of Ireland's most successful national Gaming TV programmes 'Game On'.
  • Online Race Driver A site that focuses solely on gaming's racing genre.
  • Ready Up: GMA nominee for 2011, we'll have you know.
  • FPSPrestige: A site dedicated to first-person shooters across all platforms.
  • Edge The web counterpart of one of the most respected gaming publications on the planet.
  • Daily Gaming Network A multiplatform site that aims to get its readers as involved in contributing content as its permanent staff.
  • Death By Robots A site that digs deep into what gamers want and places as much emphasis on indie games as it does triple A games.
  • NukeZilla: A gaming site that aims to better the industry through a combination of healthy cynicism, a dash of humor and some good old insightful writing.
  • Sillegamer: A site that aims to deliver news, reviews, previews, articles and media with energy and enthusiasm around the clock.
  • Cheap Ass Gamer: A site that not only provides reviews of all the latest games around the clock and an excellent weekly podcast, but is also one of the best places to hunt down video game bargains.
  • Gematsu: A site that 'exists to provide readers with the latest news, previews, reviews, screenshots, videos, and articles in the current-generation gaming world'.
  • We Collect Games: A site edited by two brothers that, as you can guess from the name, collects games. Not just any games though, they collect limited and collector's editions of games, and provide information and high-quality photos of them.