BioWare: Old Republic could be 'well below WoW' and still profitable

Studio has plans for both "millions" and "smaller" subscriber base

Star Wars: The Old Republic's subscriber base could be "well bellow" World and Warcraft and still be "incredibly profitable".


That's according to game director James Ohlen, who revealed in a Gamasutra interview that developer BioWare has plans for both if it manages to secure "millions" of subscribers, or if it only gathers a "smaller" customer base.

"There are different levels of success and we have all the different models built out," he explained. "While we want to be super-successful, we also need to plan for not hitting all our targets. Can we then still be profitable? Yes, but it will take longer.

"While I can't give away exact numbers, I can say that we have plans for super success in the millions of subscribers... and then we have plans for if we have a much smaller subscriber base.

Ohlen stated that while it would be "great" to get the kind of numbers WoW enjoys, "we don't have to come close to those in order to be wildly successful." He said: "We could be well below WoW and still be incredibly profitable."

The director called Blizzard's game "a once-in-a-lifetime kind of game," adding that "while I'd love to compete with them, I'm fine with us just being successful and having our own niche.

"I don't think it's healthy for our team to be constantly comparing ourselves against another game. Especially since there's room in the market to have two big MMOs."

According to analysts more than a million early access customers have already joined the MMO, and despite complaints of hefty server queues developer BioWare said this morning it's "extremely happy" with where it stands at launch.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]