Battery life test: Vita Vs 3DS - who wins?

Which one packs longer play time?

The 3DS has Wii-era visuals, two screens and a 3D display. The Vita has a powerful quad-core processor, near-PS3 visuals and a large 5-inch screen. Which one do you think would drain its batteries dry the fastest?


That's the question the maker of this video set out to answer when they ran a test of the two machine's stamina, throwing in a PSP for good measure.

The Vita is running Uncharted, the 3DS and PSP are running Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. All consoles have their brightness on the highest setting and the 3DS has its 3D effect on max.

We would have bet on the Vita being the first to fall, with its powerful processors sapping away at the juice, but it seems the beefier battery Sony includes with its new console (a 2210mAh cell next to 3DS' 1300mAh cell) more than makes up for its faster processors.

The result? 3DS dies at a measly 2 hours 35 minutes, while Vita goes on for 3 hours 47 minutes.

Sure, the PSP lasts a whopping 9 hours, but it's technically the weakest of the three and has a non-standard, upgraded 2200mAh battery installed. Cheater.

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Sony has apologised today for PlayStation Vita Japan launch issues, including freezing units and touch screen problems, and released a firmware update.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]