Media Create underwhelmed by Vita sales

Japanese sales tracker thinks handheld's price put some consumers off

The boss of Japanese sales tracker Media Create says the firm's been underwhelmed by PS Vita's Japanese launch.


According to Media Create, Vita sold 325,000 units in its first week (covering December 17 and 18), slightly above the 321,000 units reported by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain yesterday.

Based on an estimate of 500,000 units shipped to retailers, the handheld's sell through rate is 65 percent.

Media Create CEO Atsushi Hosokawa said (via Andriasang): "The shipment was abundant, so it seems that there were hardly any reports of inability to buy due to shortages.

"Regarding sold units, to be honest we would like to have seen it sell a bit more, but you can say that it reached a certain level of success."

According to the report, Hosokawa went on to blame what he sees as a relatively slow start for Vita on the handheld's price and lack of a system seller. He also said weekly PSP sales of 60,000 units could have played a role.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]