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CVG's Heroes of 2011

Join us in celebrating our champions of the year

In just a few hours time we'll be closing the book on 2011. With hopes and dreams in one hand and in all likelihood a strong alcoholic beverage in the other we'll be taking our first precarious steps into the new year. Start as you mean to go on, right?

But before 2011 is relegated to the shelves of history we thought it would be appropriate to use our weekly Heroes and Villains feature to take a wistful trip down memory lane.

Ordinarily we'd point our damning finger of shame at a few bad eggs, but in the spirit of Christmas - and because we don't want to haunted by a snobbish ghost that forces us to relive traumatic events from our past - we thought we'd let bygones be bygones and stick to placing our heroes of the year on a podium.

Here they are.


Who?: The campaign and all its supporters
Why?: For fighting back


In 2011 the video game industry finally fought back. After years of quietly mumbling our disapproval at being pegged as fuel for murders, robbers and no-goodniks all other flavours, CVG finally reached breaking point and led the offensive charge.

In the process we managed to galvanise game players, developers, publishers and reporters to join our 'concerted campaign to stop (or at least loudly mock) the Witless and Ridiculous Opinions Of Non-Gamers.'

Over the year we've named and shamed Channel 5's The Wright Stuff, award-winning psychologist Carole Lieberman, Alan Titchmarsh (again), FOX's right wing sensationalist Bill O'Reilly, grumpy disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson, The Daily Mail and dozens of other mainstream nitwits.

The efforts of the collective gaming community even managed to drum up some high-profile support. Split/Second developer Black Rock, Fluidity/Hydroventure creator Curve and Dead Island / Killzone 3 mo-cap geniuses Audio Motion, voiced their support along with celebrated UK publisher System 3 and Elite/Kinectimals development hero David Braben, IT Crowd and Father Ted creator Graham Linehan and stand-up deity, Bill Bailey. Not to shabby for a bunch of computer nerds.

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