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Skyrim, Deus Ex, Battlefield: What was your GoTY 2011?

Sing the praises of your favourite...

Alright ladies and gentlemen, there are officially no more games coming out in 2011. Unless you count Mario meets Dragon Quest Monopoly clone Boom Street for the Wii, which we don't.

As is custom around this time of the year we stick a metaphorical plunger into the depths of our memories and vigorously resurface our gaming memories from earlier in the year, eventually crowning one of the many games we've played as our 'Game of the Year'.


This year we want to get you fine readers in on the action. If your comments have told us anything, it's that you're an opinionated bunch and revel in the opportunity tell anyone and everyone with ears or eyes what you think. It's why we love you.

So, with that in mind we want to hear what your personal games of the year are, and since its the end of the year we want you to really put your heart and soul into it, tap those keys until your little fingers can't move no more, maybe you'll win your game of choice a few new fans.

There's a few people in this office that will be playing Shadows of the Damned over crimbo break because El Mag and TheLastDodo won't shut up about them. We're open to more suggestions...

Although we've mentioned a number of high-profile releases from this year we're sure you've probably got a few off-the-beaten-path choices of your own, tell us about them in the comments below.