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20 expert tips for Star Wars: The Old Republic newbies

Old Republic guide: Make sure you get the most out of BioWare's epic MMO with our beginner's guide

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11. Whenever your companion says something along the lines of, "I need to talk." or "Let's talk in private.", find a rest area - a cantina, for example - and talk to them. This will open up unique dialogue, allowing you to earn affection points (or lose them, depending on your decisions).

12. Performing certain actions or completing certain quests will earn you Titles. These modify your character name, and can be accessed via the Character screen (C). Look for the dropdown menu next to your name and you'll find your unlocked titles there. For example, complete the Black Talon Flashpoint and you'll get '[yourname] the Merciless', while finishing your first space mission unlocks 'Flyboy [yourname]'.


13. To get your own starship, just keep progressing through your class quests. At around level 15 - depending on how you're playing the game - you'll be given a ship and will then be able to explore the galaxy freely.

14. Imperial Agents and Smugglers can take cover during combat, which makes them very different to play as than the other classes in the game. The cover key is F by default.

15. If a mission is marked as Heroic, be careful. These are extra hard quests that require groups of players to complete. The number signifies how many people it's best suited for - for example, a Heroic 4 mission will need a team of four to finish.


16. Is your inventory full of low-level crap? Open up your Companions screen and click the Credits icon next to their portrait. This will send them away with all your junk items, and they'll return with a pile of Credits about a minute later.

17. There are three types of crew skill: Gathering, Mission and Crafting. Gathering allows you to gather resources like junk and relics. Mission lets you send your companions off on missions and return with loot, or nothing if they fail. Crafting allows you to create unique weapons and armour.

18. Don't ignore the space missions. They might be fairly uninspired, but earn you massive amounts of experience points with very little effort. Daily quests will even spit out upwards of 10,000 exp - more than the majority of regular quests.

19. Choose a side and stick with it. Certain vendors only sell items to those who have embraced the dark or light side of the Force. If you're neutral, neither will be available and you'll miss out on some quality equipment.

20. Save your money. When you reach level 25, you'll be able to train to use Speeders, which will raise your movement speed by 90%. The training costs 40,000c, while Speeders themselves will set you back about 25,000c. Expensive, but worth it.


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