20 biggest gaming headlines of 2011 - Part 2

3DS slash, GTA 5 and sales records...

It's done. Finished. We and the rest of the games industry are sat at home in our jammies playing video games, and there's (hopefully) no more news to be done this side of New Years Day.

Presented live from our living rooms behind a mountain of half-eaten turkey sandwiches then, this was 2011 in headlines...

What do you think was the biggest gaming news story in 2011? Let us know in the comments below. Read part one for headlines one to ten.

11. Call of Duty subscription service officially detailed

May 31, 2:04 pm


The story: "Activision has officially announced its Call of Duty subscription service, Call of Duty: Elite."

Following early leaks - as well as a debut trailer showing it in action - Activision announced the inevitable "innovative new online service" for Call of Duty titles, which included paid subscription elements, in May. The service eventually launched alongside Modern Warfare 3 in November.

12. Halo 4 is official - 'the dawn of a new trilogy'

June 6, 7:00 pm


The story: "Microsoft has officially announced Halo 4, following a leaked reveal earlier today on Xbox.com."

Alongside a line-up of core-focussed Kinect titles, Microsoft's big reveal at its E3 press conference in June was the announcement of a new Halo trilogy, developed by internal MS studio 343 Industries.

The teaser shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference showed Master Chief awakening from his cold storage to discover everything's not well... and a big intimidating spaceship outside his window.

13. 3DS price slash: Nintendo chops a third off RRP

July 28, 9:42 am

The story: "Nintendo will chop around a third off the price of 3DS worldwide next month, following lacklustre sales in the early part of 2011."

After a sluggish start in both Japan and abroad, Nintendo announced the truly shocking news in July that it was slashing a third off of the Nintendo 3DS's RRP, less than four months after it went on sale.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata offered to take the blame for the cut, himself volunteering for a 50% pay slash. The company later revealed the 3DS ambassador program, which saw early adoptors gifted free NES and GBA Virtual Console games later in the year.

14. New PSP model announced, 99 Euro price tag

August 16, 6:56 pm


The story: "Sony's just revealed that a new PSP model is on the way. The surprise announcement came during the publisher's GamesCom conference where the new device was described as having a new look and feel along with a 99 Euro price tag"

Sony announced at its Gamescom press conference it would launch the new £89 PSP E-1000, which lacks wi-fi capabilities but offers access to the full catalogue of PSP software either on UMD or from the PlayStation Store via Media Go. It released this autumn.

15. OnLive UK pricing details revealed - buy Human Revolution for £1

September 22, 12:01 am


The story: "UK pricing details have been announced for OnLive to coincide with the cloud gaming service's launch today."

Cloud gaming service OnLive finally launched in the UK this September, bringing with it some rather agressive retail strategies. Not only did it offer Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a pound to new users (and it's since given away LEGO Batman) but it also announced plans to sell its starter kit in highstreet leader GAME. We've been very impressed with the service this year.

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