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Nintendo updating Ambassador NES games on 3DS

Promised updates to free NES titles arrive as paid versions release

Nintendo has begun rolling out updates for the 10 NES games given free to 3DS Ambassadors earlier this year.


Nintendo had previously promised that the 10 NES games offered in the program will later be upgraded with "additional features" once the games are made available for purchase by the general public.

According to reports, The Legend of Zelda has just been updated in Japan to support the creation and loading of restore points - as can be done with currently-released Game Boy Virtual Console titles.

The update has also added a digital manual and a nicer menu icon for the game. Similar updates are expected for the other nine NES games in due course, although there's no ETA on that or when any updates will be issued outside of Japan.

It's worth looking forward to though, considering Nintendo promised some of the NES games will receive added "multiplayer simultaneous play" functionality.

Nintendo set up the 3DS Ambassador program to compensate early 3DS owners after it announced that it will slash almost a third off the console's price - less than six months after its launch. Pre-price-drop owners needed simply to log onto the eShop before August 12, 2011, to qualify.

[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]