Wii U will have E-Reader functionality - rumor

You could be reading magazines and books on your Wii U tablet and 3DS

A guy who knows a guy who knows a ninja that's been hiding in a cupboard at Nintendo HQ has said the platform holder is to introduce E-Book reading capabilities into its next console.


Speaking to ForgetTheBox, an unnamed insider said Ninty's service will allow users to download books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and more word-based material to the console. The downloads will then be streamed to the Wii U's tablet-like touch screen controller.

The source also said the unconfirmed feature will be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

The rumor monger went on to say Nintendo is thinking about 'Players Guides', official strategy guides which will be downloadable for virtual console games.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed this feature, and the friend-of-a-friend nature of the information is good grounds to take it with a grain of salt until it does so.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January to give the Wii its second showing.