Star Wars: Old Republic is 'fastest-growing subs MMO ever'

More than a million players register in first few days

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the fastest-growing subscription MMO in history, EA claimed over the Christmas break.


More than one million players registered for the online game in its first few days of release, says the publisher, with the first wave of players posting impressive play-time feats, including:

  • Logged 28 million in-game hours - roughly equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies, two million times
  • Averaged well over five hours a day playing the game
  • Created more than 3.8 million characters; 510,000 Jedi Knights and 550,000 Sith Warriors
  • Killed more than two billion non-player characters in the eight days since Early Game Access began

According to analysts Old Republic hit the one million mark even before its official December 20 release date, and despite complaints of hefty server queues developer BioWare says it's "humbled" by the game's early popularity.

"Already over a million players strong after our Dec 20th launch, The Old Republic has become the fastest growing subscription MMO in the history of our industry," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, GM of EA's BioWare Label.

"Everyone at BioWare, EA and LucasArts is honored - and humbled - by the stellar response from our fans. We're going to work together closely with our community in the weeks, months and years ahead, continually serving our audience with regular delivery of compelling new features and content."

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It should be noted that since this release went out over Christmas, the subs number is likely even higher by now. Impressive stuff.

Part one of our Star Wars: The Old Republic review went live before Christmas. Expect the second half (and a score) in the coming days.