Game Informer teasing 'old school' game reveal

Surprising series and developer combo in this week's issue

US retailer mag Game Informer has started teasing its next issue, which is said to feature a new game that "old school gamers will freak out over."


The mysterious title, which is set for reveal this Thursday, January 5, is said to be a new instalment in an established series, but "the real nuts" of the surprise is apparently its developer.

Executive editor Andrew Reiner tweeted: "Our next cover is another 'what the?' type of reveal. I suspect old school gamers will freak out over this one."

Users on the NeoGAF forum have already speculated the title could be a Road Rash update from Criterion, or a Blade Runner title from Valve (remember that leaked concept art?)

The reveal's anyone's guess at the moment, though Game Informer has since said the title in question is not a first-person shooter. That rules out Half-Life 3 by Lionhead, then.