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Wii U getting full app store - report

Nintendo set to join the App Store trend with it's next console

Nintendo will join the likes of Apple, Android others with a full-fledged app store for Wii U, according to a new rumour.


According to The Daily (via Industry Gamers), the Wii U's app store will go "far beyond" that of Nintendo's current offerings on the Wii Shop, DSiWare and 3DS eShop online stores, which focus on games and simple utilities.

The as-yet-unnamed Wii U App Store, it says, will feature a "wider variety of apps", with offerings "such as MLB.TV" that will work on the console, and others that will run "independently" on the screen-equipped controller.

The report cites "a person familiar with the matter".

This comes after separate rumours earlier today claimed that the platform holder is to include E-Book reading capabilities in its next console.

[ SOURCE: The Daily ]