Bethesda and Interplay settle Fallout MMO suit

Terms of the deal expected to be announced later this month

Bethesda has reportedly settled its lawsuit with Interplay over rights relating to the latter's Fallout MMO project.

Interplay sold the Fallout series to Bethesda in 2007, but then licensed back the rights to develop a Fallout MMO under certain conditions, which have been being disputed for some time now.


Bethesda sued Interplay in 2010 over perceived misuses of the rights to the Fallout franchise. It said it had only granted Interplay a license for the rights to the Fallout name in connection with an MMO, and that any such game could not feature assets from the wider Fallout universe like characters, settings or storylines. Interplay branded the claims "absurd".

According to Duck and Cover, a settlement between the two companies was reached on the day the case finally went to trial. Terms of the settlement are expected to be announced later this month.

Interplay president Eric Caen said in 2010 that Bethesda's Fallout work is "a little bit too serious" for his taste, and that his firm was planning an "extremely funny" Fallout MMOG "about reconstructing the world". Will it see the light of day, or has Interplay relinquished its rights to the series for a shed load of cash?

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[ SOURCE: Duck and Cover ]