Rock Band makers win $383 million contract dispute

But former Harmonix owner Viacom is fighting latest decision over royalty payments

Former Harmonix parent company Viacom has been ordered to pay $383 million to the Rock Band maker in the latest episode of a long-running contract dispute.


Viacom said in a regulatory filing that a private arbitrator ordered it to pay ex-Harmonix shareholders the money on top of a previous $150 million bonus payment, the LA Times reports.

Plaintiffs including Harmonix founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy sued Viacom in December 2010 for allegedly attempting to wriggle out of honouring performance-related bonuses.

Viacom is not accepting the latest decision, however, and has filed a suit to dispute the finding of accountants appointed to resolve the contract battle, claiming certain arguments and evidence were "improperly excluded".

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[ SOURCE: LA Times ]