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PS Vita: The best launch games

Which titles should you import? Here are the best PS Vita games...

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Little Deviants

Developer: BigBigStudios
Publisher: Sony
Prices: Only available through the Japanese PSN store

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Little Deviants garnered pre-release buzz for its interesting use of the PlayStation Vita's rear touch panel, as well as the numerous quirky arcadey mini-games and augmented reality features.

ShopTo says: "We can't find any reason for this game not to be part of your very own launch package. Not only does Little Deviants provide the sort of bit sized experience that it perfect for gaming on the go, but it also looks great and makes use of Vita's features more than any other title we have tried so far."


Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Prices: Yes Asia - £40 Play-Asia - £41.49 Ebay - £39-50

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Capcom's latest entry in the star-studded fighting franchise is currently tearing up both the professional fighting game world, thanks to interesting mechanics and incredible depth, and the living room of casual fighting fans. It's arguably the most accessible fighting game out on the market and the Vita version is particularly import friendly.

GamesRadar says: "We were a little shocked at just how good UMVC3 looks. Aided in large part by the Vita's crisp display, the game's animation is ultra smooth and the only graphical hit it's taken is in some slightly reduced particle effects on some of the more extravagant moves. There was no slowdown of any kind, and all of the moves and attacks appeared to have the exact same hitboxes, damage and timing as the console version.

"The complete set of additional content is also nice, Mission mode, Heroes and Heralds mode, online, and Gallery are all here.

"As is the issue with most portable fighting games, the control options are liable to irritate serious players. The touch screen controls are also pretty befuddling, and the fact the game recognizes inputs on both the front and rear makes it far too easy to waste meter or whiff moves randomly."

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