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Yu Suzuki could get Shenmue License from Sega

Creator ponders grabbing the rights to the series

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has said that it's possible he could acquire the Shenmue license from Sega.

"Shenmue's license is an IP that belongs to SEGA," he said during a recent interview, before adding, "We can obtain the license from SEGA."

Suzuki is candid with his desire to make the third game that series fans want so badly, and acquiring the license would relieve him of the Sega-shackles that have prevented a third game thus far.

Suzuki even went on to speak of plot points for a possible sequel. Speaking of a picture featuring a mystery character, he said: "This is the person who has trained with Iwao [Hazuki] in the olden days in China. Then, in the story that will take place after Shenmue II, he will become a 'key' character," he hinted.


Unfortunately for fans, Suzuki's most recent Shenmue project, a Japan-only mobile social game titled Shenmue City, was shut down recently, adding to the list of commercial failures for the series and giving money-hungry corporate execs another reason to dismiss calls for a true sequel.

[ SOURCE: Spong ]