RedLynx 'super busy' with delayed Trials Evolution

Dev apologises for hold up, promises release date soon

Trials HD fans have been asking one question of developer RedLynx for the past few months; where the bloody hell is Trials Evolution?


It's coming, says the developer, who's been silent on the XBLA sequel that was originally pinned for a 2011 release.

"Quick update on the Trials Evolution release date - obviously we did not make 2011, we are sorry about that," it said, finally acknowledging the delay.

"We have been very busy with the game, but 2012 is the year. We can't say when yet, but we are super busy, so that's a clue," it went on to hint.

"We hope to have a big announcement with a more solid release date within the the near future. Thanks for your patience," said the dev on its Facebook page.

Trials Evolution is the sequel to XBLA game Trials HD, revealed back in June last year for a 2011 release.

RedLynx's Trials HD is one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade, and it formed the basis for the more recent MotoHeroz game on WiiWare.

[ SOURCE: Facebook ]