Sony refutes '3G Vita cancelled' claims

Amazon listing fuels rumour fires after poor Japanese sales

Sony has quickly stomped all over reports that it will not be releasing the 3G-enabled Vita in America.

Rumours were sparked by the 3G Vita's listing page on Amazon which, at the time of writing, lists the product as "Discontinued by manufacturer".

This may usually have been overlooked as a mistake if not for recent reports of disastrous second-week sales of Vita - particularly the 3G version - in Japan.

But don't throw your toys out the pram. "It's not true," a Sony representative has told IGN. "We'll look into this now and ask our team to connect with Amazon."

A mistake, then. And not the first shocking Sony cancellation rumour spread by retailers recently. GameStop got gamers' knickers in a twist last month when it put out an automated mass-call to its customers apparently falsely declaring Team ICO's much-anticipated third game, The Last Guardian, as cancelled.

Everything's going to be fine. Take deep breaths.