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Australian embargo broken on The Old Republic

Two months ahead of schedule, EB Games stocks grey imports

Australian gamers have not shied away from importing Star Wars: The Old Republic online. Now local retailer EB Games has done the same and are selling it two months ahead of schedule.

EB Games sells SWTOR early

Star Wars: The Old Republic has yet to be launched officially in Australia, with the expected launch date of March 1, but Bioware have not discouraged fans from importing the game.

EB Games will satisfy gamers who pre-ordered a copy by offering grey imports of SWTOR, along with some extras for walk-in sales. There isn't an exact release date for the game in Australia, so technically EB Games aren't breaking any embargoes. Furthermore, SWTOR developers Bioware haven't stopped or penalised Aussie gamers who imported the game themselves.

As reported by Kotaku AU, Bioware have informed Australian import owners they can play on the American servers and when local servers are set up can easily switch over.

According to the EB Games' website SWTOR is $78, but stock is limited.

What do you think of EB Games selling imports of SWTOR two months ahead of schedule? Will you get in early, or be patient and wait till Australia gets the game officially?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku AU ]