XBL Indie Games size cap increased, prices revised

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Microsoft has detailed a number of policy changes for Xbox Live Indie Games which may prove popular with developers and consumers alike.


While Indie titles were previously limited to a maximum size of 150MB, they'll now be capped at 500MB.

To coincide with this, developers will be able to apply an 80 Microsoft Point price to any game with a file size under 150MB, which is three times the current limit of 50MB.

Additionally, developers can now sell up to 20 games on the Indie store at any one time, compared to the previous limit of ten.

Microsoft said: "We're continuing to watch our developer base and adapt the system to the needs of our creators.

"We hope you're all as excited as we are to kick off 2012 with these great updates to the App Hub to enable our developers to make even better content for Xbox Live Indie Games. If you have any questions or want to discuss these changes, feel free to post in our forum thread."

A number of developers have expressed displeasure with the decreased visibility of Indie games within the new Xbox dashboard, which was rolled out last month.

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[ SOURCE: Microsoft ]