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Horror game 'Amy' gets multiplatform release date

PSN and now XBLA title arrives next week

Lexis Numérique has confirmed that its digital-only horror title, Amy, will be out on PlayStation Network and - in a new twist - Xbox Live on January 11.


The formerly PSN-exclusive title will find its way to Xbox gamers thanks to a partnership with Namco Bandai, LN confirmed.

Unfortunately for PSN gamers, the Sony version has come up slightly more expensive. The PSN version will set you back 9.99€/£7.99 while Xbox players will fork out 800 MS Points, which works out at about £6.80.

Borrowing hand-holding mechanics from ICO, Amy sees players taking control of Lana who has to protect a small girl - the one the game's named after - in a hostile post-apocalyptic setting.

Here's the full blurb for those interested (and a gameplay video here):

The story takes place in December 2034. Global warming has taken effect, causing widespread disease and an upsurge in natural disasters around the globe. The small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) is directly affected - mostly by a comet that has crashed into town. As Lana, one of Silver's stricken citizens, regains consciousness - she witnesses the onset of a new kind of mayhem. Violent outbursts, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world she knew seems to have gone to hell.

Apparently consumed by a mysterious illness, people she once knew are now part of a wild, ravenous horde. In spite of her wounds, she runs - she must escape this nightmare. Lana can tell that, deep within her, the viral process has begun but refuses to become one of them. Later, an autistic eight-year-old girl with strange powers will force her to make choices that change both their lives. Her name is Amy.

Infected humans, grisly creatures, special forces and even other survivors: they will have to trust and help each other to escape their pursuers in a desperate attempt to survive.