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Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo set for PSN release

Playable trial expected soon

Word has got out that a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on PSN.

UPDATE Square Enix has confirmed the demo is "coming to Xbox 360 from January 11th 2012, PlayStation 3 (EU) from January 11th 2012, and PlayStation 3 (NA) from January 10th 2012."


No specific dates were mentioned on the US Official PlayStation Blogcast, where the demo was announced, but with the full game releasing in early February, the demo releasing fairy shortly shouldn't be unexpected.

Whether the demo will release for the EU store as well as the US store is as of yet unknown, though we're fairly confident it will.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out now in Japan, but despite excellent review scores it's not selling as well as the original Final Fantasy XIII.